Friday, November 20, 2009

Friendly FIres in Austin @the Mohawk 11-19-09

i got to see friendly fires last night in austin at the mohawk. i didnt get any pictures though which sucks cause i was right up front. close enough to touch the vocalist when he was singing. the entire night was filled with male swaying on stage and air grinding along with a little microphone to the head banging. they're a real charmers with the crowd and know how to put on a good show. i dont see how anyone at the venue could not at least have one foot tapping.

hands down the best show i've ever experienced. the show did sell out, but i really wish everyone could have been there to see it.

they played every song on their current record and didnt miis a single beat, or sing one flat note. flawless performance.

my only regret was having to wear my glasses, they kept falling off from swining my head around.

the vocalist's interaction with the crowd was at times strange, but he got everyone moving. he showed no emotion toward anyone who had their hands up toward him, wanting/dying for some kind of touch or skin to skin contact. he never seem to give the slightest smile to anyone who wanted it.

at the end of the night, and the end of the set, he finaly let go and flashed his pearly whites at the crowd. how can you be mad or not want to be a part of that kind of interaction? with the smile's to the crowd and hand waves, came satisfaction.

all in all i still think....hands damn show ever.