Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Local Natives...

@ Antone's in Austin April 23rd 2010.

my youtube upload:

a better youtube upload haha:

Memory Tapes...

what the fuck happen to you?? where are you at?

Monday, April 26, 2010


Mary Louis Parker likes Bon Iver...i think that just made her like 100 times hotter than she already is. Nancy Botwin...i heart your face.

MIA is going to put out a new record June 29th. I'm really excited about that. i just wish people would stop comparing her and santogold. there's a big difference in music there in that area.

Whit Denim (from austin tx) just updated their status on their facebook profile saying that "Today is the First Day of Recording (for the next record)" . This is a very good thing. i cant wait to hear new music from this band.

this is awesome.

love forever

Friday, April 23, 2010

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

i need to stop myself...

or i'm gonna over dose on this band!!

they're just so bad ass. and their music is like heroin for my ears...jeez.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


well it took forever to find somewhere to upload our podcast for free but we did it..

let's see how it works out.

feedback will be nice.

love forever

Friday, April 16, 2010


my last fm.

it isnt always accurate like it use to be, i reseted the play counts...

no idea wtf is going on and why it's being stupid. oh well.

check out what i am listening to and stuff...

give me something to listen to, make a suggestion.

love forever

Thursday, April 15, 2010


so i've gotten everything together everything i want to do for the podcast.
we will be recording it on sunday and posting it the same day.

when i say "we" i mean myself and a few other friends i have asked to take part and give their thoughts as to their interest in music.

that's mostly what the podcast will be about. we all love music and we all love to talk about music, different kinds of music. so we'll be playing a lot of good stuff for about an hour to an hour and half.

we're gonna talk about stupid crap too. so dont get offended.

ya, hopefully we wont sound too much like n00bs, but who the fuck cares right?

so keep stopping by and check out what's going on.

nothing really is organized on here, and i do post some personal things on here every once in a while...just go with it though.

cheers yall

love forever


how do the euros do it? litteraly...they have secret powers.

i would die if i got to go to this...this is my dream to experience this.

pretty gnarly.

love forever

Wednesday, April 14, 2010



washed out and small black.

me and friends were there. i love watching it.

mp3: BRAHMS x neon indian...

mp3: BRAHMS x neon indian

yeah...sounds like candy.


i've been throwing around ideas for a it is in the works.

most likely i will be recording it on sunday and posting it the same day.
i havent written out everything i want to do yet so the ideas are still fresh.

good things to follow.

love forever

Sunday, April 4, 2010

oh...and this too...

flyest shit i've heard in a while.

love forever.

happy easter...

one of my favorite new sites i found for good music.
you can even download some tracks for free.

check it out.

love forever.

Saturday, April 3, 2010


This may be harder than I though...

Let's just take is slow for now.

I will be blogging my own creations very soon.
I just hope it will bring happiness to everyone that can see it my way.
I have the best intentions yall.

Love forever

Friday, April 2, 2010

Slacker Radio...

i have this app for my blackberry. i also have pandora. they're pretty much the same thing, but after using this app for music, i have to saw it's WAYYYY better than pandora. the features are really cool and there's more to choose from.

try it out and see what you think.

love forever

Thursday, April 1, 2010

White Denim...

i wanted to write this blog the day after i went and saw white denim last weekend at antone's. but i kept putting it off until now. cause when i get into a band i like to explain how i heard about them, so listen...

i heard about these guys like...three years ago when i went to Fun Fun Fun Fest 07. their name was on the stage listing and they played during the day, i think...I THINK...i saw them for like 5 minutes... if it was the right band. so that doesnt really count. of course there was a lot of business going on the next day about how great they were, and the entire time i had it in my mind that they were from california... wtf right?

last year during sxsw their name got tossed around a lot, yet again i had another chance to go check them out, maybe actually sitting down and listening to a song or two, BUT... instead i went and saw some other band, thinking..oh well it's just another one of those california bands. was i thinking?

i seriously dont know why i didnt just google them or check out their music profile like any normal person would do. some several months later, me and my mom drove to san antonio to go see my grandma. there's really nothing to do when you drive but listen to the radio and she has sirius satellite radio in her car, i turn it to sirius xmu, and about three songs in, "I Start To Run" from Fits starts to play and my mom is totally into it. she's seriously in the driver's seat snapping her fingers and getting into it. so i press a couple buttons to see what artist is playing (cause you get that option with satellite radio :D )and it's WHITE DENIM.

the song was pretty awesome and i got hooked, that and i couldnt get the image of my mom rockin out to that catchy ass song. she's a christian woman, so for her to be enjoying that music is amazing.

few days after at work, i get on, which no longet exist thanks to, and check out white denim's album fits. i do a quick wikipedia search while listening to the music and but out laughing when i find out they're from AUSTIN! i had felt so much regret for putting off seeing them during south by.

if anyone knows me and who i am, i truly support the local musicians and artist here. the local music scene here is amazing. of course i support any other band or artist from out of town who take the time to create and travel to other cities to share their talent with others, but shit man...there's just something about the local music that i hope everyone here can say that it's theirs and it belongs to them and it's definetly something they can be proud of.

so, finaly last week, march 26th 2010 i got to see this amazing band. three dudes who are absolutly brilliant behind their instruments. antone's is not really on my favorite's list of venues here in austin, but i didnt really care. i bought my ticket for $12 online and i was totaly worth it. those dudes played for like half an hour straight, took a break, played a few songs, tuned? i think, and then played for like twenty more minutes. i didnt see a single setlist ANYWHERE!! which is just crazy cause usually bands have a list of songs they play in order...but i didnt see one, at all haha. then after they got off stage, some big grey dude who layed some poetry on us before they started their set, hopped on stage, got on the mic and said "white denim, will you hurry up and get the fuck out here and play?" of course everyone was whoopin and yellin for an encore. and they did.

there's just so much energy when you're there infront watching them play their bad ass music. it's just pure bad assness like all around you. i kept telling my friends who where there with me that i was so excited and just so happy to finaly get to see them play. i think everyday after that trip to san antonio when i first heard them on the radio, up till right now, i've been listening to all of their albums. everyday. or at least three or four songs on rotation on my ipod. that still counts.

they truly have become one of my favorite bands ever.

before we left antone's, i bought a shirt from steve who plays bass. i got to talk to him for a few minutes just long enough to ask a few questions and just tell him how much i appreciated and enjoyed the show. he was pretty surprised that that was first time i had seen them play. i think if he was in a crowd with a crap load of people, you would never pick him out to be in a rock band, the other two guys, josh and james, as well, they're pretty normal looking guys who play their instruments very well. which is the greatest thing because most bands these day, especialy indie bands, have a look that they are going for and sometimes it's over kill with the tight pants and holes in their shirt, and the greasy beards. not that it's a bad thing cause it's not, but image isnt everything.

minimalism is the absolute best.

that's probably the best thing about white denim. they're not one of those complicated bands that's hard to get, they just like to fuckin' rock!

i think that's pretty much all i have to say.

love forever