Thursday, October 21, 2010

i've decided to say...

fuck it.

no one reads this blog enough to make it a music blog.
and everyone else likes the tumblr page better than the blogger one.
so take this and eat it, this blog, my blog, is no longer a music blog.
it's a blog for me to piss and moan about stuff. stupid stuff and stuff.
just stuff none the less. i do have a music blog though, if you want to see it/ check it out, go to

and be amazed...hardly. heh.

either way, i renamed this blog...

Dear Charlie...

i met someone once, a weird ass woman who i think was homeless, who told me that i would fall in love with someone named charlie. i dont know what the fuck she was talking about but that's pretty much all she said. "you'll fall in love with charlie" i'll never forget that. she's either right or was really fucked up on some drugs. or she could have been saying that i'm going to fall in love with drugs and that was her nick name for crack. i seriously dont fucking know. what ever though.

then there was another time when an ex of mine, who's a good friend of mine now, took me out on a date, and i eneded up leaving a party we had went to with another guy who's name was charlie ( i know pretty lame of me to do, but i knew it wasnt gonna work out either way) that charlie dude died in a car accedent after he took me home. hahah not really. he just ended up being a really nice guy, but i never saw him again after that one night.

till this day, carlie has always been a name that has stuck around, i'm not saying it's the name of the man i will marry cause one, i dont want to get married, and two i've met plenty of dudes named charlie, and three who the fuck cares about the name charlie?

besides the bullshit, i will rant, i will rave, (but not like the ravers do, i'll leave that to the kids with the big ass clown pants with the chains and candy beads) i will complain as much as i want to cause srsly...who the fuck is gonna read this?

i'm one person in this world. this world has people being brought into it everyday. from mothers and from outer space. it's true. so i wont give a fuck. just like i've been told to do by my peers and my heros. and chances are you'll never meet me, if you havent already.


maybe you'll meet me someday, maybe you wont. if you were to ever meet me face to face, out of alllllllll of those people in the world, dont be afraid speak the truth if you disagree with anything i have to say.