Sunday, March 23, 2008

it easter...

it's easter sunday in austin tx.

the weather is fair for the time being, but it's cloudy and i'm certain it will rain sometime within the next four hours or so.

sitting here at my desk, i'm feeling rather...disconnected from the rest of the city. so i have to stop and ask myself what it is that im doing. the only thing that i can think of is....well nothing actually. i dont have work today, dont have school, there's nothing on tv, and the rest of the world seem like it took the day off as well.

i'm trapped in one of those moments where i wish i can stop time, but i also wish i could make time go faster to end the day. then i'll ask myself later, "it is possible to take yourself to that perfect moment?" i ask myself that everyday. can i create that exact moment where everything was just perfect? of course the obvious answer is no...but still...what if?

i think it can be done. even if it takes can be done.

there's no such thing as "perfect". but there is such thing as close to perfect in your own mind. the way you perceive "perfect" is the way that word is meant to other words, what perfect means to you.

here's a random picture...

tuxedo cake...probably the best cake i've ever had in my life.

$3.49 for a small slice.

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